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Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing New Beginnings Pediatrics.  We appreciate your business and hope to give you great customer service. 

Patient’s Commitment to the Practice:
Co-pays are expected at time of service, as co-pays are part of the contract between the insurance company and you the patient. It is a patient’s responsibility and obligations to provide us with the correct insurance information for the date of service you are seen. We bill your insurance as a courtesy, including second and third insurances, even if we are not contracted.  However, in the event that your insurance does not pay within 60 days of receipt of your claim, we expect the balance to be paid by you, the patient.   Ultimately, you are responsible for making certain your bill is paid. Please verify that your insurance information and your patient information are correct to ensure proper billing. Make sure to respond to any questions your insurance carrier may have upon receipt of your medical claim.  Failure to do so may result in a denial of your claim.  You are responsible for payment of the claim if the insurance company does not receive the information they need to process the claim correctly. Any claims that are still outstanding as patient due after 60 days will be followed up for payment by the patient.  It must be paid within 30 days.  Accounts with balances due after that may be forwarded to a collection agency for payment.

Our Commitment to you:
We promise to bill your claims in a timely manner to ensure prompt payment by your insurance company. We promise to appropriately adjust your claim according to your insurance carrier’s Explanation of Benefits when provided by the insurance company. We promise to be available to you if you have any questions about your account or insurance claims.  Our phone number is listed on the statement and any other correspondence you receive from us about your account. If you are having problems paying your bill in full within 60 days of receipt of your first statement, we will help you to set up a budget payment plan. 

Note:  For dependents, accounts will be billed to the Guarantor of Record on the account.  Co-pays will be collected from the parent who presents to the office with the child.  While we will supply documentation for billing purposes, we will not split bill or balance bill a second party. 

Parent/guardian is responsible for all the charges for all of the services rendered to any member of the family. The practice will bill the insurance that has been provided by the parent/guardian.  Parent/guardian is responsible to ensure the bill is paid in a reasonable time frame.  If for any reason any portion of the bill is not paid by insurance, it will be the parent/guardian to make arrangements for prompt payment in full upon receipt of monthly statement.  You will be required to pay co-payment (if applicable) and any outstanding patient due balance in full at the time you check in for your appointment.  For your convenience, we accept check, cash, Visa and MasterCard.  It is the office policy to assess your account a $25.00 fee for any returned checks.

Billing Inquiries

New Beginnings’ billing department is located in a centralized location.  If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to you bill you may contact them at (630) 232-7200.