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Although there is no shortage of information about children’s health available on the internet, we feel it is helpful to start with sites that are written and maintained by medical professionals, and whose credibility is widely agreed upon by practicing pediatricians. We are thrilled to share with you some of the most useful and credible sites, where you are likely to find answers to many of your questions. While you will certainly search for information online from time to time, please realize this is not a substitute for face to face medical care. We encourage you always to call us with any concerns you may have about your child’s health.

General Pediatrics:

Pediatric Web, www.pediatricweb.com, which you have direct access to on our home page, is a well-credentialed and highly recommended collection of peer-reviewed articles, written for parents, about specific topics in pediatric medicine– from asthma to headaches to insect bites; and covering symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. These are written by pediatric physicians, specialists, and professors who have published prominent research papers and are widely regarded by members of the American Academy of Pediatrics to be expert in their fields. The information found in this site is very highly regarded by practicing pediatricians and parents alike.

www.AAP.org  The official website of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the national organization whose goal is to educate providers of children’s health services and promote the health of all children. Updated regularly, with news about current events such as disease outbreaks, recalls of children’s products, and new treatment guidelines.

www.healthychildren.org  A website founded and maintained by the AAP but geared specifically for parents about lots of topics like specific illnesses and symptoms. Also includes information about feeding, nutrition, parenting, development, and behavior, and has book titles for suggested reading.

www.cdc.gov  The official website of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. A highly credible  resource for information about vaccines, as well as disease outbreaks like H1N1. Offers  an extremely user-friendly index to help you find answers to specific topics such as international travel and adoption.

www.kidshealth.com  Great general information about staying well, growth and development, parenting, behavior. Also has good content specific to raising teenagers.

www.DaySpringPediatricDentistry.com   Full of lots of information about your children’s teeth and how to care for them.


Child Development:   

www.zerotothree.org Very detailed information about how to evaluate and promote your child’s development of speech, motor, and cognitive skills.


Immunizations and Vaccine Safety

www.cdc.gov/vaccines/ As mentioned previously.

www.vaccinesafety.edu Nationally renowned experts in the field of vaccine development and safety maintain this website as part of the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.





Download all resources: Click here

http://www.womenshealth.gov/breastfeeding/ Breastfeeding signage for the working mom.

www.askdrsears.com A website intended to help parents become better informed consumers of general healthcare, particularly parenting and breastfeeding.

www.kellymom.com Evidenced based breastfeeding and parenting.

http://www.mobimotherhood.org/MM/default.aspx Helpful information regarding low milk supply.

<www.LaLecheLeague.com The site is maintained by LLL International, with lots of helpful suggestions for problem-solving, and links to the local Geneva LLL leaders who are available to provide assistance and answer questions by phone or email.

www.workandpump.com Recommended by lactation consultants, this friendly and up-to-date site offers great resources and a supportive online community for women working outside the home and breastfeeding.

Pumping Resources







Local Issues

www.kanehealth.com The best way to find current information about local issues, such as H1N1 influenza in 2009

www.illinoisdeptofpublichealth.gov Staying up to date in our state: West Nile Virus, H1N1, mumps outbreaks are examples of information to be found on this site.