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Expecting Parents



Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby! We at New Beginnings realize this is a busy and exciting time for you and our goal is to be available to answer as many of your questions as possible during this time. Our physicians are pleased to offer

Meet & Greet Sessions: These sessions are an opportunity for expecting and adopting parents to see our office and learn about our practice, as well as meet our pediatricians. If you are interested, please check our calendar for upcoming events, or call our office at

(630) 232-7200 to RSVP.

For parents delivering at Delnor Community Hospital, if you choose a New Beginnings Pediatrician to be your baby’s doctor, simply let the nursery personnel know the physician’s name when you are asked at the time of your admission to the hospital. This will ensure that the nursery staff will contact us when your baby is born, and inform us of your baby’s status. One of our physicians visits newborns every day, usually in the morning, and will come to the parents’ room to talk with you and answer your questions every day you are there. For mothers who choose to breastfeed their newborns, the highly experienced Lactation Consultants from Delnor will also visit your room to help see that your baby gets off to a strong start nursing.

Should the need arise, Delnor has two fulltime neonatologists who are available for consultation, and a Special Care Nursery for the care of newborns who are premature, ill, or need to be more closely monitored.

When your baby is ready to be discharged, your New Beginnings pediatrician will take the time to discuss detailed discharge instructions and answer your questions about your baby’s hospital course. Your doctor will also tell you when your baby’s first office visit should be. This visit usually occurs one to three days after discharge; the exact timing  depends on whether there are any concerns about your baby’s weight or feeding, or whether your baby has jaundice, for example. The physicians at New Beginnings also take extra time at your first newborn visit to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered.    In addition, all families will receive a phone call from the New Life Maternity personnel within 24 to 48h after discharge, to ensure that mother and baby are doing well, and to answer any questions you may have. Please call to make an appointment.

For parents delivering at hospitals other than Delnor, please call our office to set up the first visit as soon as your baby is discharged. To provide the best care for your baby, we ask that you try to bring your baby’s medical records to your first visit. These should include birth weight, length, and head circumference, discharge weight, complications of pregnancy, and gestational age. We also need lab results, including mother’s prenatal lab screening and GBS, or Group B Strep result, mother and baby’s blood type, if known, and the results of the newborn hearing screen. Also important are records of any treatments received by your baby, including the first Hepatitis B immunization, or any medications. While much of this information is relatively standard and routine, these records can be extremely helpful and necessary should your baby experience any medical issues in the newborn period such as jaundice or a fever.